Omega Consultants Pvt Ltd

Omega Consultants offers Indian & Sri Lankan work force labor supply services for multipurpose companies in Romania. Our team meets the need for necessary staff with optimal and fast solutions for your business.

The range of Indian & Sri Lankan staff placement services and workers offered by our company covers various areas, from qualified staff for hotels, restaurants, beauty and malls, cafes or labor for the industrial sector in the textile and construction sectors. Also, our company’s services are addressed to those who have temporary residence in Romania, in the interest of work.

We care about people and the role that work plays in their lives. We help people develop their careers through careful planning, supervision and training.
We share our knowledge, our expertise and our resources. We listen carefully in order to improve the quality of our relationships and service, and suggest solutions.
We are pioneers and we don't shy away from innovation. We strive to perform, innovate and move forward. We challenge ourselves in order to achieve constant improvement.

Our Professional Team